For Him

He's one of the good guys and deserves nothing but the best. Our collection of unique gifts for men has that special something that says thank you, congratulations, or I love you to dads, grads, brothers, friends, boyfriend and all the other important guys in your life.

We have the best gifts for him; Find the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

Mini GPS Tracker
Save $21.95
$43.90 $21.95
This the compact and cutting-edge Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker allows you to track your loved ones and valuables when you can’t be around. Small size and lightweight,... Full details

Mini GPS Tracker

Regular price $43.90 Sale price $21.95

Garden Spiral Drill Planter Hole Digger
Save $40
$95.95 $45.95
Tired of getting your hands dirty to plant in the yard? This tool will make it easier for you to plant plants,... Full details

Garden Spiral Drill Planter Hole Digger

Regular price $85.95 Sale price $45.95+

1000 pcs Jigsaw Puzzle Moon Earth Planet
Save $18
$53.95 $35.95
If you thought the advent of smartphones and tablets had made puzzles obsolete, think again!😍 It’s true that, nowadays, you’re more likely... Full details

1000 pcs Jigsaw Puzzle Moon Earth Planet

Regular price $53.95 Sale price $35.95

Electric Mini Pruning Saw
Save $90
$199.95 $109.95
The GTA 26 Pruner is a versatile cordless woodcutter. Perfect for pruning trees and shrubs, shredding green cuttings and even for building... Full details

Electric Mini Pruning Saw

Regular price $199.95 Sale price $109.95

Pump Filter Swimming Pool
Save $70
$200.95 $129.95
Summer is coming and it is essential to have a clean pool with crystal clear water to be able to enjoy it... Full details

Pump Filter Swimming Pool

Regular price $159.95 Sale price $89.95+

Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner
Sold Out
$33.95 $18.95
Introducing the Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner; perfect for removing ear wax from your ear! It gently vibrates and vacuums dirt particles... Full details

Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner

Regular price $33.95 Sale price $18.95

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Save $60
$199.95 $139.95
There are no excuses, with this bar you can do your exercises where you mount it! 💪 🤚IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT HAS FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING!💪... Full details

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Regular price $199.95 Sale price $139.95

Garden Flexible Hose
Save $22
$51.95 $29.95
It is annoying to see the garden hose messy and knotty, here we have the solution! 👉FUTURES: 3 times expandable design, can... Full details

Garden Flexible Hose

Regular price $51.95 Sale price $29.95+


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